Asbestos Roof Replacement – Reservoir

Completing a large scale, asbestos roof replacement with little disruption to business can be a challenge. A large roof replacement on an occupied, operational building sounds difficult, but for ACR Roofing it’s something we do daily. That’s because ACR Roofing has been completing commercial asbestos roof replacements for over 48 years! We specialize in asbestos removal. We excel at it.

The Client:

Diver Consolidated Industries (DCI) has been manufacturing automobile parts since 1932. It has survived the manufacturing collapse in Victoria over the past few decades. DCI are thriving. The business operates seven days a week, over multiple shifts. A family-owned business, they wanted to engage a company they could trust to be responsible for their roof replacement project. They needed to be reassured that they were in good hands, and that their business wouldn’t be disrupted more than necessary.


During our initial consultation we explained the asbestos roof replacement process. We made the process clear and concise.  This gave the client confidence that we were able to complete the roofing works safely, and with minimal disruption to business. Our scope of works was detailed and transparent.

After we were awarded the roof replacement contract, we held a number of site meetings. We addressed the client’s entire workforce of 120 staff, answering all questions. Our highly qualified Melbourne roofers were available and approachable. Because of this, the staff were reassured that they were in safe hands.

The Roof Replacement Project:

Our client wanted the entire asbestos roof replacement of 4000m2 completed over consecutive weekends, so they could still work during the week.  All of the machinery and equipment needed to remain on site. Working by sections, we removed and replaced the roof, so that the building was watertight.

ACR Roofing took care of all the details in our scope of works. Crane lifts, electrical works, spotters, daily visual clearance certificates, air monitoring, safety equipment, EWP equipment and perimeter safety railing were just a few considerations. Our expert Melbourne roofing team organised and completed all of the logistics and safety aspects.

The entire roof replacement was completed over six consecutive weekends. DCI were able to work as normal during the week. They faced minimal inconvenience, and were back to business as usual when the project ended… just in a safer workspace.

Another successful Melbourne roof replacement project done. Great work by our ACR Roofing team!