Asbestos Roof Replacement – Wodonga

When Visy decided it was time to remove and replace their asbestos roof at their manufacturing plant in Wodonga, they selected ACR Roofing to get the job done. For the past 18 years, ACR Roofing has worked with Visy at many of their sites across Victoria. Because of our expertise at working with the particular needs of busy manufacturing firms, our clients include Boral, Opal, PGH Bricks and of course Visy. Client relationships are very important to us, which is evident by the number of long term relationships we have with our clients.

The Asbestos Roofing Replacement Project:

Visy Wodonga is a large manufacturing plant. They produce over 1 million cans a day, so can’t afford to be shut down for a long period of time. They needed to replace their old asbestos roof though, and do something about the translucent panels on their metal roofs. Their factory contained in total 4200m2 of asbestos, and 1400 lineal meters of old fiberglass sheeting. This all had to be removed and replaced within three weeks. A sizable job, with time a  critical factor for their business.

We knew our team could complete the task in the three week time frame, because our highly skilled roofers specialize in large scale projects like this. Our operations team have years of experience and knowledge to draw on. We handle every detail of a job, and there are a lot of details to consider for large asbestos roof replacement! Access equipment;  accommodation of our team; disposal of the old roof material; supply of the portable amenities; and waste management are just a few things to consider.

Safety First:

With so many ACR roofers working on the site, and Visy staff working in the plant, safety was a key consideration. A full perimeter safety rail was installed on site. Roofing materials were craned up onto the roof, and access provided. Our team were all fully inducted with Visy’s safety policies, ensuring every roofer knew what was required of them.

Before starting work, we placed a cover over the entire plant and equipment. This took three days, but ensured that the client’s irreplaceable machines were protected and secure. We work with our clients to meet their specific needs.

Asbestos roof removal & roof replacement:

Ever wondered how we replace an asbestos roof? Firstly, we strip the asbestos roof off of an area. Secondly, we wrap and dispose of the asbestos. Then an independent hygienist provides clearance. Next, we install safety mesh and insulation. Finally, we install the new roof. In this case we used Bluescope Zincalume. This process ensures that the roof remains watertight each night.

ACR Roofing’s 48 years of experience at asbestos roof removal and replacement delivers results every time, resulting in happy customers.

Translucent Sheets:

Our Visy project site consisted of three large warehouses. One had an asbestos roof,  two had metal roofs. The old fiberglass sheeting across each metal roof was extremely brittle, and no longer allowed the natural light to enter the buildings. We removed all of the old sheeting, and replaced it with Ampelite Wonderglas translucent sheeting.

Replacing the old translucents allowed natural light to enter the buildings , thus lighting up the workspace. After a decade with degraded translucent panels, the change was remarkable. Thanks to the new Ampelite translucents, Visy don’t need to turn on their Hi-Bay industrial lights, netting a big saving on electricity for our valued client. It also provides perfect light for their forklift drivers, which in turn assists with staff safety. Light makes a huge difference to workplace safety, and also makes it easier to see stock.

Completed on time:

Our deadline was three weeks, but we completed the asbestos roof replacement project within 2 weeks. This happened thanks to our team of highly trained and motivated roofers in Melbourne. The weather cooperated too, with bright sunshine and clear skies every day in sunny Wodonga.