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Translucent Roof Sheeting Replacement

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Translucent Roof Sheeting Replacement

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ACR Roofing contractors are experienced in all kinds of industrial roof replacement projects, including the removal and replacement of translucent roof sheeting. We remove your existing bays of fibreglass sheeting, replacing them with brand new fibreglass translucent roof sheeting.

More common today we are being asked to quote translucent roof sheeting replacements to large commercial factory roofs and industrial office parks. Also referred to as laserlite roofing, skylights and fibreglass sheeting. Above all, our Melbourne roofers will assist with suggestions for enhancing natural light, increasing energy efficiency & improving ventilation.

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Please note: ACR Roofing contractors only complete translucent roof replacements to commercial buildings. We do not complete any repairs, new builds, pergolas/veranda etc.

Furthermore, ACR Roofing are not suppliers/manufacturers; we complete the removal and replacement of translucent roof sheeting only.

Commercial Translucent Roof Sheeting Replacement

The effectiveness of translucent roofing is greatly diminished when the sheeting is in poor condition. The light transference in the old translucent roof sheeting is greatly reduced, and the translucents just simply to do not serve their purpose. With translucent roof sheeting replaced however, the effects are immediate and dramatic. Now allowing natural light to end the work environment, improve ventilation & increase energy efficiency.

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Ampelite is the largest and most experienced fibreglass and polycarbonate roof sheet manufacturer and distributor throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Hence, ACR Roofing engage Ampelite as our distributor to ensure the best translucent roof sheeting for our clients.

Commercial Wonderglass and Industrial Fibreglass has set the standard for Industrial Skylights in Australia. They provide cost effective lighting through excellent spanning, light transmission and low thermal expansion. In addition, available in almost all current and superseded metal roof profiles, there is a skylight sheeting to suit any building project.

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