Asbestos Roof Replacement: The Good Guys

Recently ACR Roofing completed an Asbestos Roof Replacement on a well-known building, The Good Guys in Brighton East.

This asbestos roof removal project was by no means normal due to the restricted location, and with the store not willing to close at all. Two busy streets either side of the premises; power lines on one and public everywhere. This sure made this Melbourne roofing project rewarding on completion!

Before commencement, we were required to obtain a road closure permit and council permits. As well as engage traffic management to crane up and down all materials. All inductions completed, SWMS, asbestos procedures provided and WorkSafe notified. This then allowed us to commence this Asbestos Removal in Melbourne for The Good Guys.

asbestos roof removal

Before we were able to commence the roof replacement, we had to complete the removal of an asbestos box gutter. The box gutter was located inside the operating store. To ensure we did not disrupt the trading of The Good Guys, we completed this exercise outside normal business hours. 6pm -11:30pm.

After the internal gutter was replaced, we constructed a frame. Next, built a wall and sealed our construction area off tight with Poly liner. This allowed The Good Guys to continue their day-day business as usual.

Once shut off to the public we removed the internal ceiling grid and tiles below the roof. After completing the entire asbestos roof replacement, we engaged a ceiling company to install new ceiling grid and tiles throughout.

Asbestos Roof Replacement

We began by stripping the asbestos roofing, flashings and metal box gutter. Once we removed an area of asbestos roof, we installed safety mesh and 60mm roof insulation blanket. ACR Roofing installed all roofing materials in BlueScope Zincalume. The existing roof structure consisted of a number of different roof pitches and slopes. Therefore, requiring a number of different roof profiles; Deck and Corrugated. We installed all new BlueScope Plain Zincalume box gutters, rain heads and eave guttering, as well as PVC downpipes.

The entire Asbestos Roof Removal and Roof Replacement in Melbourne ran smoothly. We had no disruptions to the trading below, and no hiccups along the way. The end result looks fantastic, as you can see for yourself in the photos below.