Asbestos Roof Replacement – Hawthorn

Teska Carson are a longtime, ongoing client with ACR Roofing. On many occasions, we have worked together to assist with Melbourne roof replacement projects on the properties they manage.

Mid-2019, we were asked to lock in an asbestos roofing replacement project in Hawthorn. The client requested to commence this Melbourne roofing project at the beginning of 2020. Due to the busy summer period, we often book roof replacements in advance to ensure our clients have their work completed when requested.

Furthermore, our Melbourne roofers must complete the asbestos roof replacement whilst the business below is vacant. It is not practical for a business to close during their trading. Therefore it is the perfect time to complete our work: whilst they close over Christmas!

The Asbestos Removal

After a final safety and check measure, our asbestos removal works begin by craning all materials onto the roof, and installing safety rail. As with every asbestos roof removal, each day we remove an area of asbestos roofing and receive a clearance certificate. Once given the okay by the hygienist, we are able to install the new roof.

Asbestos removal is a highly audited industry. For this reason, ACR Roofing treat asbestos removal VERY seriously. Our team comply with both Worksafe and the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) standards for all asbestos roofing replacement projects.

For this project, we installed 60mm roof insulation blanket and all roofing materials in Colorbond. Next, we installed BlueScope Colorbond Corrugated roof sheeting, in the colour ‘Shale Grey’. We also removed and replaced all gutters, downpipes and flashings – replacing in ‘Shale Grey’ Colorbond.

The Asbestos to Colorbond transformation is outstanding. Evident in the photos below, our projects really emphasis and highlight the work ACR Roofing Melbourne are capable of. For this reason, we continue to work alongside ongoing clients, such as Teska Carson.

The new Colorbond roof on the property looks fantastic. However more importantly, we have eliminated any roofing issues the property managers and tenants may face in the future.