Asbestos Roof Replacement Melbourne: Bentleigh

ACR Roofing have recently completed an Asbestos Roof Replacement on a small shop located in Bentleigh, a well-known bakery on busy Centre Road.

Upon first inspection of the asbestos roof, it was clear that it was in desperate need of replacement. The asbestos roof was extremely brittle with cracks appearing, furthermore, box gutter severely corroded. As a result, the tenants were experiencing internal water issues. It is important to note – you cannot repair an asbestos roof. Therefore, the only option is an asbestos removal and roof replacement.

When removing an asbestos roof, the premises below must be completely vacant. As a result, the bakery trading below must close for the duration of our works. Keeping this in mind, our team complete both the asbestos removal and roof replacement in Melbourne. We maintain regular communication with the client and tenants, to ensure they can resume their operations as soon as possible.

Once an asbestos roofing works notification has been lodged and all neighbours are notified of the works taking place, we commence!

Asbestos Roof Replacement Bentleigh

To begin, we crane all materials onto the roof and install safety rail. As a shop, there are many active AC units on the roof. Before we can start the asbestos roof removal, these units need to be disconnected and removed, to allow for our works. We remove the existing asbestos roof and once we receive an asbestos clearance, begin the new roof installation.

We lay new 60mm roof insulation blanket and next, Colorbond Corrugated roof sheeting. The client chose the colour ‘Windspray‘, a mid-strength, neutral grey with a blue undertone. All Colorbond colours have been inspired by the colours of Australia. Windspray ‘brings to mind a gentle breeze, soft shadows and the misty sea on a cloudy day’.

In addition to the roof replacement, we install Colorbond box gutters, flashings and cappings.

Once we complete the entire asbestos roofing project, electricians revisit site to reconnect the AC units on the roof. The bakery now has a brand new, watertight roof, and can re-open for business!