Asbestos Removal Melbourne: Moorabbin

ACR Roofing are moving and relocating to a slightly larger warehouse that is still based in the Moorabbin area and only a stone’s throw from our current location. Do not be worried about missing the Grand Opening of our new digs, as we are making this move slow and looking to improve the space so that we can enjoy it for many years to come. We will give you plenty of notice of the actual address so that you can drop off the Xmas cards, chocolates and booze!

This warehouse was particularly enticing due to the masses of asbestos sheeting to both the roof and external walls. Asbestos roofs and wall cladding are our arch enemy!! Asbestos roofing to ACR Roofing is like the Joker to Batman – we must remove any threat it may pose, and in this instance is was a poor-quality roof that was a danger to us as well as neighbouring properties, not to mention it also leaked!

As in all our roof replacement projects that require asbestos removal, we notified neighbours’ properties of the asbestos removal, and also, we notified WorkSafe Victoria. Any asbestos removal over 10m2 requires both a license to remove asbestos and a notification to WorkSafe, this ensures that the industry is regulated to a high level and avoids shortcuts.

On this occasion it was our choice for colour, this was strange however we chose BlueScope Colorbond Shale Grey – Shale Grey™ is evocative of Gulf coast mud plains, pale grey pebbles reflecting the sun, the ethereal grey mist rising from a surf beach. We also replaced the existing safety mesh, installed heavy duty foil faced blanket, new fibreglass sheeting throughout, and matching flashings.

We are very happy with this Melbourne roof replacement and this brightens the whole warehouse. Unfortunately, the neighbours didn’t take us up on replacing the adjoining properties, the drone footage really highlights the unpleasant asbestos roof sheeting against the vibrant and clean BlueScope Steel.

It must have been a sight for sore eyes with the old timer and company director Paul Owens up on the roof in his 1980’s stubbie shorts barking orders and waving his arms more than a traffic cop!! He did however put on the morning smoko for the boys (albeit 5 on sight thanks to Dan)

Now that the roof is on, we can continue to work on the inside and create a workspace and warehouse that we can fully utilize.  Stay tuned!