Asbestos Roof Replacement & Wall Cladding Replacement Dandenong

Over the years, our Melbourne roofers have completed small sections of asbestos roof removal and wall cladding replacement for ongoing client, Tycab Australia. There are a number of possible dangers that can occur when completing an asbestos roof removal. As a result, we are only able to complete our work whilst the building below is vacant. This however, is not always practical for the business below. The days Tycab are able to close down, our team utilize this time and complete as much work as we can. This usually occurs over a long weekend and public holidays.

This 2019-2020 holiday period however, we were fortunate to be able to spend an extended amount of time onsite. Whilst the Tycab employees enjoyed a well-deserved break, our team commenced our asbestos roof replacement and wall cladding replacement work.

Asbestos Roof Replacement and Wall Replacement

Safety is always the first priority. Before works commence, we conduct a site visit and prepare a relevant SWMS. To begin our asbestos roof removal works, we crane all materials onto the roof, as well as install safety rail. We always remove and replace an asbestos roof in sections, to ensure the roof remains watertight.

We removed all of the existing asbestos roofing materials and disposed of them. Next, we installed safety mesh as well as foil faced insulation blanket. Then, we installed the roof. For this asbestos roofing removal project, we installed Speed Deck Ultra roofing materials; in Zincalume and a heavier grade. The heavier grade allows other trades and foot traffic onto the roof, without causing any damage. We also removed old and deteriorating fibreglass sheets. In their place, we installed Ampelite Wonderglass GC Translucent sheeting, in full runs across the roof.

Further to the asbestos roof, we removed the existing asbestos wall cladding. To replace this area, we installed Colorbond Corrugated Wall Cladding, in the colour ‘Surfmist‘.

Finally, we install all associated flashings, as well as box gutters and overflows. A final inspection is completed before craning down all materials.

The total amount of asbestos removed and replaced equaled to roughly 4,000m2. We are highly experienced in completing our work within a deadline given by our clients. With all hands on deck, our team completed our works in just two weeks! Well within the deadline and just in time for the Tycab employees to return from the Christmas break.

“Thank you to all concerned for a fast, efficient, trouble free service. We were all very impressed with the communication and organisation to complete the job within a fixed time frame.”
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