Asbestos Roof Replacement – Carlton

The Roof Replacement Project:

ACR Roofing identified a number of issues with this site, all of which needed to be resolved to make the roof compliant. On inspection of the roof, it was obvious to our expert Melbourne roofers that there were serious internal water issues that needed fixing. The asbestos roof had various repair sheets installed and silicon applied to cracks. The main concern though was the lack of outlets throughout the box gutters. With no sumps nor overflows installed, the entire roof was non-compliant. The roof pitch was also insufficient, causing water to pool inside the roof.

As well as fixing the roof, our roofers also added five Ampelite skylights to the roof, allowing natural light to fill the workspace below.


With all asbestos roofing projects, we have to notify the neighbours that roof works will take place. While our team are experts at safe asbestos removal, not everyone is as calm about it as we are! Keeping all stakeholders involved and updated is a key part of our success in managing projects.

On this site we had to crane the materials up onto the roof, and install an access tower to work on the overflows. We needed special tools for some of the brickwork, and a hygienist to provide clearance for the asbestos. As the site was located in busy downtown Carlton, council permits were required to obtain street access, traffic management and crane access. All in a days work for our expert Operations team!


Once we stripped the ugly asbestos from the roof, we replaced it with corrugated Bluescope Zincalume sheeting. To make the roof compliant, we increased the size of the box gutters with timber battens and added shiny Zinc box gutters, overflows and flashings.

As a result, no more pools will form in this roof.

The before and after photos clearly show the difference in the roof. A great job on this asbestos removal and roof replacement by our Melbourne roofing specialists!