Minimum Roof Pitch

When replacing a metal roof, the ACR Roofing Melbourne roofing estimators address several factors; one of which, the minimum roof pitch of the existing metal roof. If the roof has been installed on a structure pitched lower than the manufacturers specifications, this can cause many problems!

What is the minimum roof pitch?

The minimum roof pitch in Australia is dependent on the roofing profile installed.

For water to flow on a flat deck roof, the minimum roof pitch is . A deck roof sheet consists of three wide spans and high ribs. If the roof pitch is too low, water on the roof will not be able to flow down the roof surface and into the gutters. Therefore, forming water ponding on the roof, which then leads to roof leaks and deterioration.


Minimum Roof Pitch Australia

The roof pitch required for a corrugated roof, is a minimum roof pitch of . With low ribs and small spacing, a higher pitch is required to ensure the water does not pond in the one area. As a result this may cause the water to leak through the lapping roof sheets and into the building below.


Minimum Roof Pitch Australia

The roof pitch to install a monoclad roof is in between a deck and corrugated roof; at a minimum roof pitch of . Not to be confused with a deck roof, monoclad roof sheets have 5 ribs, with slightly smaller spacing in between. Therefore, requiring a higher roof pitch to ensure water on the roof will flow down the sheets, and not overflow over the ribs.


Minimum Roof Pitch Australia

Making the roof compliant

ACR Roofing Melbourne take the right steps to correct a non-compliant roof fall. After installing all necessary safety equipment, the existing metal roof is removed. Next, metal or timber battens are installed to regrade the entire area, therefore ensuring the roof structure is at a the minimum requirement.
Safety mesh and insulation blanket are installed, before installing the new Colorbond or Zincalume roofing profile.
In addition, all gutters, downpipes and flashings are also installed.

Above all, it is always best to check the manufacturers specifications and speak to a roofing professional.
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