The Advantages of Colorbond

Metal roofs constructed from Colorbond sheeting are growing in popularity every day.

Colorbond is a coated steel roofing material manufactured by BlueScope steel. This hard-wearing material is extremely long lasting and performs better in all types of weather, able to easily shed rain and withstand high winds.

The advantages of Colorbond are extensive, and are outlined below.


Long Lasting and Virtually No Maintenance Required

Virtually no maintenance is required for Colorbond roofing. The colour is literally bonded to the metal, which means that painting is not required as often as other metal roofing materials. With its baked on finish, Colorbond actually resists chipping, peeling, and cracking.

Colorbond is less prone to this sort of wear and tear. Non-combustible, termite resistant, weather tight and secure, Colorbond protects homes against the harsh Australian weather.

Very Sturdy Building Material

Colorbond roofing is perfect for all types of buildings. Regardless of whether they have no pitch, very little pitch, or an extremely steep pitch. Not only that, Colorbond is quite a lightweight building material. Therefore, there is little structural weight strain as a result of its installation. Colorbond also offers a high degree of security in terms of wind protection.

Excellent Thermal Insulative Qualities

In both summer and winter, Colorbond roofing works to insulate your home. It is a highly thermally efficient material. As a result, radiating less heat into your home, as it cools down much quicker at night. If you opt for one of Colorbond’s products that incorporates Thermatech® technology, this will optimises the solar reflectance properties of your roof. With better home insulation, your energy bills might even be reduced.

Water Wicking

Water quickly and easily runs off this type of roof sheeting. The ridges in Colorbond sheeting are designed to wick away rainwater; there is less change of leaks inside your home with Colorbond.


Colorbond roofing comes in a wide variety of colours. Therefore allowing your roof to compliment, rather than compete with the colour of your home and its natural surroundings. It gives your home a neat, modern appearance.

Environmentally Sustainable

Colorbond steel is 100% recyclable. In fact, steel is one of the world’s most re-used products. Given its lightweight design, Colorbond is more energy-efficient to transport. It is also delivered pre-cut to building sites, ensuring that there is less on-site wastage. Furthermore, reducing the impact on the building site and its surroundings.

Australian Made

From metal roofing and guttering, to fascia and downpipes; BlueScope Steel makes Colorbond products in Australia. BlueScope has plants at Port Kembla in Wollongong, Western Port in Victoria, Acacia Ridge in Queensland, and in Erskine Park in New South Wales. By buying Colorbond products, you are helping support the Australian economy.


Colorbond has many advantages over other types of roofing materials. From its excellent thermal insulation qualities and stylish design, to its long lasting, water wicking profile, Colorbond is an extremely sturdy and hard-wearing building material. While most people tend to agree that the advantages of Colorbond make it the perfect choice for a roof replacement, it really is up to you to decide if a Colorbond roof is right for your home, and your needs.

ACR Roofing install both Colorbond and Zincalume roofing materials, when completing your Melbourne roof replacement.

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