How to Winter-Proof Your Roof

With the colder months approaching, it makes more sense than ever to make the necessary adjustments to your sustainable home. The most important part of any home’s construction is the roof. The roof of your house must be equipped to perform under a wide range of temperatures, preventing any weather-based issues that may arise. Not only can it provide you peace of mind, but winter proofing can also save you a bundle on heating bills. A good solid roof keeps the cold out, making your home more pleasant to live in through the colder months.

Many people will attempt to winter-proof their home this winter, however, the most important thing to remember is to develop a clear plan of action.

Conduct a thorough roof inspection

When was the last time you checked the state of your roof? The state of your roof can determine whether your home stands up to the colder weather. Damaged roof tiles, shingles, guttering and pipes can give winds a route to your home. With this in mind, it is crucial you check these areas to ensure they are free from debris and water. If there are openings in the exterior, or there is a structural problem in the roof cavity, it is paramount to ensure these are repaired as soon as possible. Conducting a thorough roof check is a crucial step when letting your home defend from the elements. You can also hire a roofing contractor or Melbourne roof replacement company to carry out a roof inspection for you.

Trim the overhang

During summer, plants and greenery are very welcome. During the colder months however, they can become a bit of a hazard. Rain, or even snow can add extra weight to the overhang of your trees and bushes. The unwanted snapping of any branches or trees may result in roof damage. It is best to just avoid this possibility altogether, trimming the unnecessary foliage on surrounding greenery.

Insulate your home

While majority of new homes come with built in insulation, the majority of existing properties must do this themselves. When heat escapes from your attic/loft, it melts the snow and ice. This results in a build up in your gutters, placing great stress on them. It can even cause a water build up that can leak into your home. Insulating your loft is key to ensuring as little heat escapes from your home as possible. It can also have great financial and environmental benefits. Although each insulation pattern is different, depending on the shape of your roof, loft insulation can help homeowners reduce their energy bills by 25% each year. It has also gone some way to reduce carbon emissions. By properly insulating the underside of your roof, it will ensure you keep the heat in and the unwanted cold out.

Clean your gutters

Clogged drains and gutters can do as much damage to your home as a leaking roof can. Gutters collect rain runoff and carry it away from the home- however this system can break down. When it rains, instead of carrying all that water away from the house, a clogged gutter will simply hold onto it right up against the edge of the roof. When this build up occurs, the water can go under the shingles, pressing moisture into the roof. This can lead up to a build up of mould and mildew, weakening your homes foundation and walls. To avoid long-term structural damage, it is important to clean your gutters out a couple of times a year. 

Consult a professional

While simple inspections, repairs and maintenance are easy enough to complete on your own, sometimes an expert can provide valuable insight. If you have any reason to be especially worried about the state of your roof, or if you would rather be safe than sorry, you should call a roofing specialist to conduct a thorough check and carry out all repairs. Having your  roof repair done properly can save you money come winter, while even preventing a roof replacement if a disaster occurs. 

Winter-proofing your roof is not only environmentally conscious, but it can also save you a lot of money during the colder months. If you need more information on preparing your roof during this winter, contact our friendly team at ACR Roofing. We are the most experienced Melbourne roof replacement company, priding ourselves on the peace of mind we provide our customers. A roof is every building’s first line of defense from the elements, so we are committed to ensuring that every roof is protected this winter.

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