PGH Bricks Roof Replacement, Adelaide

Late last month, our crew completed a Roof Replacement in Adelaide.
Over the years, we have completed many wall cladding and roof replacements for ongoing client, PGH Bricks & Pavers.
This time, our Melbourne roofers were contracted to work at the PGH Bricks & Pavers, Monier Selection Centre site, in Golden Grove.
roofers melbourne
The ACR team of roofers hit the road and headed towards South Australia to commence works for PGH Bricks & Pavers. Our works at the Monier Selection Centre consisted of 1,800m2 of roof replacement.
Safety is always our first priority, and also a major priority for PGH. Before visiting site, our team complete the PGH Bricks online site-specific induction. Followed by an onsite meeting; PGH management and safety personnel go over all procedures and tasks being performed during the roof replacement works.
For ALL roofing projects, we complete an ACR site survey & hazard identification sheet, as well as a Safe Work Method Statement and proposed works procedure.
Our roofing works commence by first installing safety rail and erecting an access tower. Next, we crane materials. The first items to crane are walkways to place along the roof. Finally, we crane all other materials and we can begin our roofing works.

The Roof Replacement

Working from harnesses and static lines, each day onsite we remove an area of the existing roof. On four different bays, once we remove and expose an area, we removed and reinstated new purlins. Then comes the new roof installation. Our team installed Ampelite Webglass Gel Coated Corrugated sheeting in both a clear and Beige Opaque material.
Furthermore, we install flashings as we go, to ensure the roof is kept watertight. This process is repeated until the entire roof replacement is completed. Finally, we crane down all existing materials and waste, into waste bins. We dismantle safety rail and access tower, and hand over the site to PGH.
The entire roofing project was complete within the allocated time frame, with extra days to spare. The end result looks fantastic, and the PGH Golden Grove team are happy with our work & our team! It was our first time completing a roof replacement in Adelaide. We look forward to visiting PGH Bricks & Pavers sites in the future!