Asbestos Removal to Colorbond Roof Replacement

There’s no better transformation than an Asbestos Roof Removal to Colorbond roof replacement! Whether it be a residential or commercial roof replacement, every building looks great with a brand new Colorbond roof. Despite specialising in Commercial Roofing in Melbourne, our team also complete residential roof replacement projects.

Tucked away in the bayside suburb of Beaumaris, the ACR Roofing team recently complete an asbestos roofing removal and roof replacement on a home. We completed these works for Pattersons Insurerbuild, a repeat client of ours. Pattersons regularly contract ACR Roofing for Melbourne roofing projects such as an asbestos roof replacement.

As with any roof replacement project, communication is very important. Being an asbestos roof replacement however, the property must be completely vacant whilst our team remove the asbestos. As a residential property, this can be a little more difficult than it would be for a business! The homeowner’s plan is to move out for the duration of our roofing works. Therefore, planning and coordination is paramount. In addition to communicating with the homeowners and clients, we ensure all neighbouring properties are aware of the asbestos roof removal.

Asbestos Roof Removal & Colorbond Roof Replacement

Being a two story property, before we can commence our works, scaffold is installed to the perimeter of the property. With no one inside the property, we remove the asbestos roof entirely. Our team install a thick insulation blanket, before installing the new Colorbond roof and flashings. The homeowners chose the Colorbond colour, ‘Deep Ocean’. Deep OceanĀ® is a conservative yet appealing colour that mimics the richness and depth of the ocean, and the vast blue haze of a distant mountain range.” The colour pairs perfectly with the bay nearby!

This asbestos roofing removal and roof replacement in Melbourne ran smoothly, and was complete within the time frame provided to the client. More noteworthy, the asbestos to Colorbond replacement transformation looks fantastic! Another fantastic job completed by the ACR Roofing team.

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