Asbestos Roof Replacement Melbourne: Richmond

Recently, we completed a Commercial Asbestos Roof Replacement in Melbourne, in the suburb of Richmond. The ACR Roofing team are expects when it comes to commercial asbestos removal and roof replacements. Our staff complete both the removal and replacement of the asbestos. As a result, ensures the works are continuous and eliminates the need for any subcontractors. Our roofing estimators are experts.

From the initial inspection and quoting of each roof replacement cost, we determine the works involved. We provide our clients with a detailed quote, explaining the steps our team will take. Safety is always our first consideration, therefore we provide our clients peace of mind that all measures and steps are taken to ensure a safe roof replacement.

Due to the height of the building, we require a crane to load all materials onto the roof. However, due to the location and close proximity to power lines, we also require a number of permits. In order to crane, we require road closure and consequently, traffic management. Furthermore, as we are close to the power lines, we require a power permit to isolate the power. This enables the crane to load over the power lines.

Asbestos Roof Removal & Roof Replacement in Melbourne

Once we receive all relevant permits and dates, we can commence our roof replacement works!

As with every Melbourne roof replacement project, we remove an area of the asbestos roof each day. Next, installing safety mesh and insulation blanket, before laying the new roof. Thus ensuring our works are continuous, and the building remains watertight.

For this roof replacement project, our team install BlueScope Zincalume Corrugated roof sheeting. The original box gutters on the building are not compliant. Our team removed and replaced the box gutters, installing sumps and overflows. Thus ensuring the gutters now comply, and are able to receive a compliance certificate. In order to complete this work, we remove the existing glass walls. In their replacement, we install Ampelite Wonderglas translucent wall cladding.

Once our works are complete, we follow the same procedure as the initial crane up. We require all of the same permits, and we crane down all equipment before handing over the completed roof replacement project.
The end result looks fantastic. Better yet, our client is very happy with our asbestos removal and the new roof.

“They are the best – what they said, they did — perfect”

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