Asbestos Roof Replacement Melbourne: Huntingdale

ACR Roofing are experts in the field of Asbestos Roof Removal and Roof Replacement. Most recently, our Melbourne roofers completed an asbestos roof replacement project on a warehouse located in Huntingdale.

Before works commence, we inform WorkSafe of the asbestos roofing removal and complete all necessary site inspections and final check measures. Furthermore, we organise access equipment, as well as engage an independent hygienist to provide asbestos clearances.

First off we install full perimeter safety rail. Next, we load materials onto the roof. Usually when commencing works on a warehouse, we crane materials onto the roof. In this case however, we had restricted location and access. Therefore, we require a scissor lift to load all materials onto the roof! It is for this reason, we make sure to consider all aspects of the asbestos roof replacement project, to ensure it runs smoothly.

As with every Asbestos Roofing Removal project, the building must be completely vacant. Once the safety rail is installed, materials are loaded onto the roof and the building is empty – we can commence our works.

Asbestos Roof Replacement – Huntingdale

Each day onsite we remove an area of the asbestos roofing, and receive a clearance certificate before continuing. Next, we install safety mesh and 60mm roof insulation blanket, before laying the new roof. Our team installed new BlueScope Plain Zincalume roof materials, in a Corrugated profile.

We repeat the asbestos roof removal and roof replacements process each day until the entire roof is complete. This process ensures the roof remains watertight at the end of each day. In addition, we removed and disposed of the existing box gutters, quad gutters and downpipes. We then install new BlueScope Zincalume box guttering, quad gutter, flashings and PVC downpipes. Finally, we seal the entire roof and an ACR Roofing director inspects the building.

This Asbestos Roof Replacement project is now complete, and safe for the owner and tenants to occupy the building. Our team have eliminated any potential problems the original asbestos roofing would pose for the owners.