ACR Family Profile: The Wright’s

This month, we’re trying something a little different: instead of an employee profile, we bring you an insight into the family of one of ACR’s Director’s, Christian Wright. Christian’s lovely wife Franca took some time out to answer a few questions about Christian for us!

1.Who makes up the Wright family?

The Wright family includes Christian (ACR Roofing Director), Franca, Georgia (who will be 3 in August) and Louie (who’s just turned one).

2. How long have you and Christian been married?  

Just over two years.

3. How did you and Christian meet?

We met at a Hawaiian themed New Year’s Eve party, ten years ago.

4. What is the funniest thing about being married to an ACR Roofing Director?

Our whole life is like a Colorbond ad!

5. What is the worst thing about being married to an ACR Roofing Director?

Christian always takes cares of other people’s roofs before our own.

6. What is Christian’s worst habit?

His stories. It’s always about him and his stories!

7. What is Christian’s best quality?

His loyalty, care and honesty; and he’s fun and considerate.

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