Roof Maintenance Tips

The weather is starting to heat up, the cricket’s on and Christmas carols are ringing in everyone’s ears. It’s that wonderful time of the year when the holidays are in sight and it’s almost time to down tools and head off on a holiday. But, before you get too excited, you can’t forget about all those little jobs that you’ve been putting off throughout the year. Unfortunately, while the festive season is all about catching up with family and friends, its also the time to get those annual chores done to ensure that your house is ready for the coming year.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start on your list of odd jobs, then why not start with the most important thing of all – your roof.

If there’s a problem with your car, you’ll notice because you drive it everyday. If the tiles in your bathroom are chipped, you’ll notice on your way to the shower and if the freezer has packed it in you’ll notice because your ice-cream will be melted. Unfortunately, we never look at our roofs and the only way we know there is something wrong is when it starts to leak during a downpour. So, as a way of reaching out to the forgotten hero that is your roof, get up on a ladder and follow these roof maintenance tips to make sure it’s still in good order.

Inspect Your Roof

The first thing you need to do is carry out a thorough inspection of your roof. You need to look for debris and a build-up of leaves in the roof or in the gutters. You should also be looking for holes, dips in the roofs or areas that look a little worse for wear. Check the flashing around any vents, chimneys and skylights to ensure that they are all still watertight. Gaps in flashing are one of the most common ways for a leak to start, and it can be costly to call someone out to fix a roof leak.

A roof inspection should go further than just the outside of the roof. After you’ve checked the outside of your roof, take your ladder inside and have a look underneath the roof. Check along all your ceilings for any evidence of leaks or sunlight poking shining through. Colorbond roofs are built tough, but if you’ve had severely wild weather lately, there’s a chance that something may have infiltrated your tiled roof.

Clean Your Roof

It goes without saying that any debris has to be cleaned off your roof and gutters. This is especially important if you live in a fire-prone area. Cleaning your roof will also help it to look it’s best for longer. If you’ve had rain recently, then your Colorbond roof should be looking pretty good. But, if it’s been dry, a light hose-down will do the job. If you notice that any dirt or grime has adhered to the surface of the roof, just grab a bucket of warm, soapy water and a sponge and lightly scrub the affected area. Make sure you rinse all the soap off to prevent any staining.

Look For Damage

Look for any animal or insect damage. Termites won’t affect your Colorbond roof, but the roof is a great vantage point to check for any woodwork damage. Wasps can build nests under your eaves and birds can cause a huge mess if they have built their nests on (or under) your roof. If wasp or bird nests become a constant problem, get in contact with a Melbourne roofing company to see how you can prevent this problem.

Clear Your Roof

It’s important that there are no branches hanging over your house. Even if they have been there for years, a strong wind could cause a branch to snap with potentially deadly consequences for your family. It’s not worth taking the risk, so grab out the chainsaw and ensure that there is a substantial clearance between your home and any tree branches.

So, there’s your guide to giving your roof a thorough once-over. It may cost you an afternoon, or a session in front of the cricket, but proper roof maintenance could save you a big call out bill. Look after the thing that looks after you and give your roof a bit of attention this festive season.

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