Colour Schemes for Houses

When choosing an exterior colour scheme for your home it’s important you realise the effect your choices can have. The outside of your house sets up people’s first impressions, so even if you have put painstaking detail into the interior of your home this could all be lost if you fail to put as much effort into selecting your exterior colour scheme. First impressions will be especially important when it comes to putting your home on the market and fetching the price it deserves.

Exterior colour schemes are also important when it comes to setting your mood. Your home should be your sanctuary, the place you come back to when you want an escape from the pressures of the world. The exterior of your home will be the first thing you see when you pull into your driveway, so you want the exterior to exude the feeling you want your home to create. If you want it to be a place of tranquility, you need to choose appropriate colour schemes and if you want it to be a place of fun and vibrant energy you will need to look into the types of colours that can create this feeling.

There are certain things you can’t choose about your home; the size of the lot will dictate how big it is, council restrictions may tell you how high it can be and engineers will tell you where support poles need to go. You can, however, choose your colour schemes so put some effort into the choice, rather than opting for the first thing that pops into your head.

Here are some tips on creating mood through exterior colour schemes.

Weatherboard Homes

Weatherboard homes offer enormous flexibility when it comes to selecting your colour schemes. The following are examples of moods you can create:

  • Vibrant: Creating interesting contrast will give your home a vibrancy, paint the weatherboards in a light, porcelain white and go for Colorbond Windspray for the roofing. To set off the contrast, choose Colorbond Headland guttering as an intermediary between the white and the dark.
  • Stately or Coastal: Everyone dreams of having a Hamptons beach house to escape to in the summer. You can recreate the look and energy of the Hamptons by painting the boards in an off white and transitioning into Colorbond Dune guttering and a Colorbond Bushland roof. The mix of neutrals will give off a stately energy while the whites and greens give a feeling of coastal scrub.

Brick Homes

Brick offers the challenge of either choosing a coloured brick and sticking with it or rendering your brick façade so it can be painted. Here are a few ideas for creating exterior colour schemes for brick homes:

  • Ultra-Modern and Striking: to create a façade that will make your home an eye catcher go for an olive green render, with rich purple features such as arches to break it up. Go for Colorbond Plantation roofing to tie the colours together.
  • Modern Mediterranean: the white render with blue roofing has been done to death. If you love the look but want to give it your own touch go for grey or white render with a rich, red front door and a Colorbond Ironstone roof. The grey or white render gives a look of aged grace, while the red door gives the façade a focal point and the Colorbond Ironstone roofing will still make the render pop without falling into the same tired, old cliché.
  • Homely Homestead: red brick works perfectly for creating this look, just break up the red with Colorbond Surfmist guttering and Colorbond Ironstone roofing. The red brick gives off simplicity while the warm but neutral guttering and roofing work against the earthy reds to give a homely feel.

So, when you’re thinking about the outside of your home you need to think about more than your gutters ability to get water off the roof or how effectively your weatherboard can repel termites. Going with Colorbond roofing makes creating schemes much easier as Colorbond have created an unbeatable range of colors to suit any look.

Jump on the Colorbond website to have a look at their color selection and contact ACR Roofing to organise your Colorbond roof installation today.

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