ACR Roofing absolutely loves the work that Challenge does in providing support for children and families that are dealing with cancer and life-threatening blood disorders. We have been supporting this fantastic organisation for a number of years now and we were absolutely thrilled to replace their roof on King Street.

Challenge is there for the kids and their families from the minute they are diagnosed. The range of programs and services they offer make such a difference to the kids and make a terrible time a little bit easier.

Their Challenge Family Centre offers playgroups, massage therapy, music and art therapy programs as well as seminars and a resource library for the parents. They are available every day of the year and make sure kids have access to iPads, gaming consoles, activities and even visits from their favourite celebrities.

They also look arrange holiday accommodation, tickets to events and even parent retreats to help look after the Mums and Dads that are going through the fight every single day.

Challenge has been helping kids and families dealing with cancer for over 30 years and the difference they have made has been enormous. They are an inspirational organisation and they really prove what a difference people can make in the lives of others.

We love Challenge and we’ll continue to support them in anyway they can. We strongly encourage everyone to jump on their website and have a look at the fantastic work they do. All of us have been or will be touched by cancer in some way and it’s organisations like Challenge that give us all the strength to meet cancer head on and try and make something positive out of it.

So, jump online and find out about how you can help Challenge in their quest to help make the lives of some incredibly tough kids and parents just that little bit easier.


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