South Yarra Asbestos Roof Replacement

Our Melbourne roofers specialise in completing commercial roof replacement projects. Therefore, we often work alongside commercial real estate companies and their agents. Aston Commercial, one of Melbourne’s largest, independent commercial real estate agencies, is just one of our many ongoing Melbourne roofing clients.

Aston Commercial contracted ACR Roofing to complete an asbestos roof replacement for one of their tenants, located in South Yarra. We have well established relationships with our clients, therefore they know they are in good hands.

Tucked away behind busy Chapel Street, we were to replace an asbestos roof on a shop. The shop is in close proximity to power lines, therefore an inspection is required by the local power company. This is to determine what works we require, to ensure we can replace the asbestos roof safely.  Furthermore, due to the height of the building and restricted location, we also require a number of additional items. Such as, engaging a crane company, safety rail and council permits. All of which we organise before works commence, to ensure we go about our works uninterrupted.

When removing an asbestos roof, we require the property below to be completely vacant. This is not always possible for a trading business. Therefore, for this shop, we commence works whilst they shutdown over the Christmas Holiday period. Once we obtain all requirements, we can begin our roof replacement works.

First, the power company tiger-tailed the power lines. Next, we crane all materials onto the roof as well as install safety rail. Due to the restricted location and tight streets, we require a Road Closure Permit and Traffic Management.

Asbestos Roof Replacement Project

Each day our Melbourne roofers remove an area of the asbestos roof. An independent hygienist will then inspect and provide a visual asbestos clearance certificate, this will allow our roofers in Melbourne to commence the roof install. We repeat this process each day, to ensure a water tight dwelling at day’s end. Once we receive the clearance, we installed safety mesh, sarking foil and finally, the new roof. For this project, we installed BlueScope Plain Zincalume corrugated roofing.

Each original box gutter currently does not comply. We allowed to replace them, install sumps, and install an overflow in each box gutter, to ensure they comply to the current standard.

Finally, we complete a final inspection and crane down all redundant materials. More importantly, throughout the duration of the asbestos roof removal works, we ensure we keep both the agent and tenants up to date with works we are completing.

Another fantastic Asbestos Removal and Roof Replacement project completed by our team of Melbourne roofers.