Commercial Roof Replacement Thomastown

The roof at the large Bostik factory in Thomastown was in desperate need of a makeover. The old roof has rusted and sagged and was affecting the appearance and safety of those who worked inside it. The ACR Roofing contractors were able to quickly remove the old roof and provide the owners with a brand new upgrade that looks great and will last forever.

Needless to say, Bostik were thrilled with the roof replacement in Melbourne. The owners were very thankful for the dedication and care that our Melbourne roofers displayed throughout the project. So, it came as no surprise that once we’d finished the roof, we started on replacing the¬†wall¬†cladding as well. Luckily, with the ACR Roofing team on the job, we were able to give the walls just as much TLC as the roof.