Asbestos Removal & Wall Cladding Replacement, Coode Island

DP World Australia is Australia’s leading port and supply chain operator, responsible for loading and unloading millions of shipping containers each year on the busy Docks, in the heart of Coode Island. As DP World operate 24/7, they requested that this wall cladding and asbestos roof project take place over a series of weekends to ensure their weekday operations were not impacted.

After months of meticulous planning and co-ordination, ACR Roofing’s team of fully qualified roofers and licenced asbestos removalists commenced work on the asbestos removal and wall cladding replacement. As the site remained open throughout the asbestos removal process, air monitoring was conducted to ensure DP World employees were safe from any contamination. After each section of asbestos roof removal, and in accordance with Worksafe requirements, a visual clearance was also conducted to ensure all hazardous material had been contained.

The badly deteriorated asbestos roof and wall cladding have now been replaced with Bluescope Colorbond corrugated steel. This will mean the employees of DP World will be working in a safe, watertight building for many years to come.
As the No.1 roofing contractors in Melbourne, ACR Roofing have once again managed the entire process from quoting stage through to completion, and DP World have joined a long list of satisfied clients.