Metal Roof Replacement Melbourne: St Kilda

ACR Roofing contractors were contacted by one of our many ongoing clients, Victoria Body Corporate Services, in relation to the metal roof replacement on an apartment block in St Kilda, housing 11 units. Having completed several similar projects for the Body Corporation, they knew they were in good hands

The original metal roof was in very poor condition; severely rusted and water ponding causing leaks for the tenants, it was clear ACR’s roofers were required to complete another metal roof replacement.

The old corroded roof sheets were removed and brand new Colorbond roof materials were installed, as well as gutters and downpipes, in Colorbond colour Classic Cream. Our roofers also installed new battens, to re-grade the roof to a compliant fall, and eliminate water ponding.

Throughout the roof replacement project, communication was essential to ensure both the Body Corporate Manager and the multiple tenants inside the building were aware of the works taking place.

After successfully completing yet another metal roof replacement to a property housing many tenants, ACR Roofing have once again satisfied the client.

Feedback received from Voula, one of the tenants;
“Thank you so much, you guys have done a fantastic job and it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with ACR Roofing from start to completion.
We love our new roof”

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