Metal Roof Replacement – Hawthorn

Our Melbourne roofers are no strangers to completing large metal roof replacements for Body Corporations, so when contacted by The Knight our roof estimators accepted the challenge of a metal roof replacement in Melbourne for a 3-storey high apartment block in Hawthorn.

The original metal roof was leaking in several areas and due to the existing timber structure, water was ponding on the roof – causing severe corrosion. We also discovered an active Telstra tower which was unsafe to work near due to the radioactivity. No hurdle is too high for the ACR Roofing team and whilst coordinating with the Telstra professionals, the tower was shut down whilst we completed our works to ensure the safety of not only our roofing contractors, but those around.

In just two weeks we had the new materials craned up onto the roof, removed the old metal roof, installed additional timber battens and brand-new BlueScope Plain Zincalume Speed Deck Ultra roof sheets.

Communication and coordination were very important throughout the project to ensure both the Body Corporation and the fourteen tenants were aware of the works taking place.

ACR’s roofing contractors in Melbourne have once again satisfied both the Body Corporate and the multiple tenants living in the building, well done to all involved!