Metal Roof Replacement Melbourne: South Yarra

ACR Roofing contractors inspected an apartment block, otherwise known as South Yarra Square, located on the corner of busy Commercial and Punt Road.

No strangers to completing large metal roof replacements to buildings such as apartment blocks, ACR’s roofers in Melbourne knew that despite the hustling location of the four-storey building, they would complete the roof replacement project with ease.
With non-stop traffic on both Commercial and Punt Road, ACR Roofing maintained communication with all tenants, Body Corporations and neighbours to ensure the delivery and craning of materials went ahead with no issues.

The hard part was over; and with ease ACR Roofing contractors commenced works on the metal roof. The old metal roof was removed, and brand-new BlueScope Colorbond materials were installed, in the colour Shale Grey. Ceiling batts, and 60mm foil-faced insulation blanket was also installed to keep the tenants cool in the summer time and warm during winter.

The footage below shows just how busy the location is, and the amazing transformation of the metal roof replacement. Great work team!