Metal Roof Replacement Melbourne: Tottenham

As a property manager, you demand exceptional trade service when you are responsible of looking after one’s main asset, their properties.

There is nothing more important than have a water tight property, and this is where ACR Roofing come into play.

As we say to all clients, “you work from the top-down’’ and this was no different on this metal roof replacement in Melbourne, specifically Tottenham.

The Roofing Client

DeGroup are an investment and development company with over 45yrs of experience, who have vast range of commercial properties in their portfolio. ACR Roofing happen to be their preferred roofing contractors in Melbourne.

They demand quality and professional workmanship and our Melbourne roofers deliver, each and every time.

The Roof Replacement Project

Tottenham, located in West of Melbourne, is where you will find a rather large block of land which has over 39,000m2 of occupied warehouse. A very busy industrial area, used mainly for logistic firms, there has been a roof which consistently has given DeGroup grief. ACR Roofing were contacted and asked to inspect the roof. On inspection of the roof, it was extremely obvious that a roof replacement was their only option for a water tight dwelling.

3000m2 of rusty, damaged corrugated metal roofing was unrepairable, we could only suggest to replace it all. ACR Roofing took over the property for two weeks, initially preparing all safety aspects such as perimeter safety rail, access tower and cranes.

We removed a section of the roof each day, installed safety mesh, Bradford’s heavy duty sisalation and last but not least installing BlueScope Plain Zincalume corrugated roof sheeting. All flashings and box gutters were also replaced. The dangerous vertical glass had panes broken and cracks throughout, we too removed the glass and glazing bars, installing Ampelite Wonderglas Gel Coated translucent wall cladding.

The entire metal roof replacement in Tottenham was complete without any disruption to the neighbouring tenants.

A satisfied client once again!