Metal Roof Replacement Melbourne: Glen Iris

This particular metal roof replacement in Glen Iris consists of an entire roof replacement to a block of flats. With many tenants within the building, we ensure to keep all updated of our scope of Melbourne roofing works. It takes careful planning and coordination skills, however our roofers in Melbourne always get the job done!

We excel in these particular Melbourne roofing projects. You don’t need to be a roofing contractor to see from the before photos, the original roof is in terrible condition! As roofing experts however, ACR Roofing identify the more serious and not so obvious problems. More noteworthy, we identify the solution. In this case, an entire roof replacement.

Serious corrosion covers the entire original roof, and in some sections the rust has easily ten away at the metal roof! Leading to exposing the clips which hold the roof down, and sagging the structure. Previous trades have attempted to repair the roof but this is no longer an option! Our Melbourne roofers propose an entire roof replacement, and begin the works.

The Melbourne Roof Replacement Project

Due to the height of the building, we require a crane to load all materials onto the roof. Furthermore, we install safety rail and require an access tower built to access the roof each day. Working in sections each day, we remove the metal roof and install additional timber. As the existing structure sags, we install additional timber in order to eliminate the sags and dips, and ensure the pitch is compliant. We install new 60mm insulation blanket, before laying the new roof. BlueScope Colorbond was installed. For the metal roof, heavier grade material.

Despite facing days of inclement weather, our roof replacement works are complete within the time frame provided to our client. The entire roof replacement project ran smoothly from start to finish.