Metal Roof Replacement Melbourne: Knoxfield

The largest Pharmaceutical store in Australia, Chemist Warehouse, their facilities manager contacted ACR Roofing a few years ago, asking if we could complete various roof assessments. Since then we have been their preferred roofing contractor in Melbourne, completing roof reports and most recent completing a large metal roof replacement at their Knoxfield store.

Located on the busy Burwood Highway, this store is the busiest in Victoria. Having been made aware there could be up to 1000 public members streaming through each day, and the store was unable to close at all, we knew we were in for another challenge, which we do love facing. Coordination, communication and a detailed program are standard exercises that are required when it comes to a roof replacement on an occupied premises.

Various meetings were held to discuss how Melbourne roofing works can and can’t be completed. It was agreed that we cordon – isolate a section off below each day. Breaking the entire roof into six stages, we couldn’t complete any more or any less, and were provided with six days to complete the entire roof replacement. Our Melbourne roofers specialise in completing roof replacements on properties that remain operational and occupied. With careful planning and coordination skills, our roofers always get the job done!

This particular roofing project consisted of an entire metal roof replacement. The original material had corroded and in some sections the rust has eaten away, exposing inside the store. Chemist Warehouse were experiencing roof leaks on a daily basis.

Due to the height of the building, we required a mobile crane to load all materials onto the roof. The entire property was surrounded with perimeter safety rail, this allows our staff to work safely at heights. Working in a section each day, we removed the metal roof, installed safety mesh and 60mm insulation blanket, before laying the new roof. BlueScope Plain Zincalume heavy gauge roof sheets were installed. Once the entire roof had been replaced, the mobile crane returned to unload all materials to be disposed of.

Despite facing days of inclement weather, our Melbourne roofing works were completed within the time frame provided to our client. The store was able to continue to provide supplies to their customers each day, and even with a constant flow of people (public) the entire roof replacement project ran smoothly.

When it comes to replacing a roof on an occupied premises, ACR Roofing Melbourne are the experts.

Well done to our roofing contractors!


Chemist Warehouse