Metal Roof Replacement Melbourne: Christmas Hills

PJ, Salmon, Jake and Coops have spent the first three weeks of winter replacing the iconic Yering Station Pump house roof.  It is iconic to those In the know, the Engineers of Melbourne Water and the passing Kangaroos. With daily visits by those local Kangaroos, Wombats and other native Australian animals, it is a bit of a thrill and excitement to be at a site like this. It not every day that the Yarra River flows past you whilst you work. A really, picturesque location, so much that sometimes the boys would drift off into a meditative state… but anyway, we at ACR Roofing Melbourne are excited to share with you the transformation of the Yering Station Pump house in beautiful Christmas Hills.

The total metal roof to be removed and replaced was approximately 1000m2 and we eat these size projects for breakfast! However, any ACR Roofing contractor knew this project would be massive and all hands on deck would be required to have this Melbourne roofing project completed within the proposed time frame.

The ACR Roofing team take pride in their professionalism, organisation and communication when it comes to large roofing projects and with a team of experienced Melbourne roofers, this roof replacement was no different.

Once the old gal roof was removed, our Melbourne roofers installed BlueScope Colorbond Speed Deck material to the roof, in the colour Pale Eucalypt. The metal roof removal is completed in sections; whilst the new metal material is installed in its place to ensure the area remains watertight.

The end result of the roof replacement has left the Yering Pump Station looking brand new; the Colorbond wall cladding and trim flashings visible from the ground provide a better look as opposed to the original – and best of all it does not leak!

Safelock removed the previous walkway system prior to ACR Roofing commencing the asbestos removal. Upon completion of the installation of the new metal roof, Safelock re-instated the walkways and certified to Australian Standards.

Emmitt Electrical  – replaced permitter lighting and wired up the fancy new hatch!