Metal Roof Replacement Melbourne: Ascot Vale

ACR Roofing Melbourne has considerable experience in completing large metal roof replacement projects on buildings such as apartment blocks. Having completed many similar Melbourne roofing projects in the past, repeat client MBCM knew they were in good hands when asking ACR Roofing to complete a metal roof replacement on an apartment block in Ascot Vale.

With ACR Roofing no stranger to a roof project this large, we know what was required to complete an uninterrupted scope of works.
Whilst maintaining full communication with the Body Corporate, ACR Roofing contractors completed the full roof replacement with ease.
The old deteriorating metal roof was removed, and brand new BlueScope Plain Zincalume Speed Deck Ultra roof sheeting was installed in its place.
Extra timber was installed to ensure the roof had adequate fall and complied with today’s roofing installation code, as well as 60mm roof insulation blanket to keep the tenants cool in the summer time and warm during winter.

The end result saw a brand new, leak free and watertight building; as well as a satisfied Body Corporate and tenants.