Metal Roofs Replacement in Melbourne: Elsternwick

ACR Roofing have years of experience completing all sorts of roof replacement projects. Recently, we completed a metal roof replacement on a block of units in Elsternwick. We have an ongoing relationship with many Body Corporates and Property Managers across Melbourne. As a result, we have an impressive list of completed Roof Replacement projects to unit & apartment blocks on their managed properties.

Furthermore, the ACR Roofing team are experts in coordinating the metal roofs work, ensuring all tenants & owners are aware of the works taking place and when. With many tenants, the key is communication with all! In addition to regular contact, we provide a detailed works schedule, which we provide to each occupant.

Due to the height of the two story property, we require a crane to lift all materials onto the roof. Also, we must install safety rail to the perimeter of the building. Safety is always our first priority; as a result we determine these plans upon first inspection of the property. When conducting the roof replacement, our team must always ensure the roof is compliant. The original metal roof on this property was NOT and did not meet the minimum roof pitch. Therefore, deeming the roof non-compliant and leading to water issues. The minimum roof pitch is dependent on the roofing profile installed. Being a flat roof, our team would install new deck roof sheeting. For water to flow on a flat deck roof, the minimum roof pitch is 1°.

Metal Roof Replacement

Each day onsite we remove an area of the existing metal roofs and install additional timber battens, to correct the roof pitch. Next, we install insulation blanket before laying the new BlueScope Zincalume Deck roof sheets. In addition, we install Zincalume gutters and flashings. A lot of the time for similar properties, we install the flashings which are visible, in Colorbond materials. In this case, we installed Colorbond ‘Deep Ocean‘ flashings, which gives the property a great look, rather than silver Zincalume.

The end result looks fantastic and most noteworthy, the metal roof replacement was completed with no disruption to the property below. Our team of expert Melbourne roofers have done it again and the completed photos speak for themselves.