Kamesburgh House Roof Replacement – Brighton

It is an honour to be completing a Roof Replacement in Melbourne for the architecturally significant, Kamesburgh House.

The Victorian mansion, originally built in 1873-74  as ‘The Anzac Hostel Brighton’, is located in Kamesburgh Gardens in Brighton, Victoria. The Heritage Listed building is beautiful and has an extensive history to match.

Bayside City Council now own Kamesburgh House, and privately lease the mansion to Star of the Sea College. As a result, no entry into the building is permitted. The significant Kamesburgh Garden however, is open to the public. The garden itself is beautiful, and well worth the visit.

Bayside City Council contract ACR Roofing to complete the Kamesburgh House Roof Replacement. The building is occupied by Star of the Sea College, therefore it is important we work around the School Holidays. We have completed many school roof replacement projects in the past, including for Star of the Sea College. As a result, we have extensive experience in completing our Melbourne roofing projects by the due date.

Kamesburgh House Roof Replacement

Due to the height and structure of the building, before Melbourne roof replacement works commence, we install scaffold around the perimeter of the building. Furthermore, we use a crane to install all materials onto the roof, ready for the roof replacement to kick off.

Our works involved removing the roof on the entire building, as well as replacing all gutters and downpipes. Roughly 1,000m2 and consisting of different roof pitches, this job would be tricky and fiddly! No challenge for our team however, as we completed the entire project within the timeframe given.

Each day onsite we removed an area of the old roofing, and installed 60mm roof insulation blanket. Next, we install the new roofing materials. In this case, we installed Heritage Galvanized Corrugated and Speed Deck roof sheeting. In addition, Colorbond eave gutters and gutter brackets are installed, as they are visible from the ground. Many of our clients opt for a Zincalume/Galvanized roof, any materials that can be seen from the ground are then installed in Colorbond. This creates an overall better look for the property!

The final result looks fantastic, and one we are very proud of. Our roofing contractors did a fantastic job completing the project in time for Star of the Sea College to return for the new year. More noteworthy, we did The Kamesburgh House justice, with our complete roof replacement.