Asbestos Removal & Roof Replacement Mitcham

As the storage industry’s preferred contractor, ACR Roofing previously replaced the asbestos roofs to Storage King Thomastown, Fairfield and Burwood. ACR Roofing moved on to another, this time Storage King Mitcham.

Being no stranger to this type of asbestos removal project, the ACR Roofing team knew the exact approach to planning. We liased with Storage Management to outline a timeline they could share with their customers and ensured the property was watertight at the completion of each day.

This rood replacement project consisted of approximately 1900m2 of asbestos super 6 sheeting, glass removal and replacement. The asbesos removal and replacement was swift, and secures the storage facility from any further weather related problems.

The photos speak for themselves and highlight the dramatic change, the ACR Roofing team have done it again!