Asbestos Roof Replacement Melbourne: Sandringham

ACR Roofing were engaged by the Campeyn Group back in July to provide the quotation to remove and replace the delipidating asbestos roofing to this Grand Old building known to the local as the Coast Guard House, let me tell you a little about this building…

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard is a marine search and rescue organisation comprised entirely of volunteers.

Operating under State and Territory Emergency Management frameworks, our distinct yellow vessels respond to a variety of marine incident types, rescuing thousands of people each year. We also work in support of other agencies in response to events such as marine fire and medical evacuation from vessels.

As the location of this building is in the bush adjacent to Sandringham beach, we set up temporary fencing, locking ourselves within the grounds to allow the public to move freely and without disturbance.

Very rarely do we have a straightforward project…. it would be nice. This roof had telecommunications towers all over it, which emits radioactive waves that are extremely harmful within close proximity.

Lucky our esteemed check measurer Benny Brown (not the rapper Benny the Butcher) but rather the boy from Tookgarook was wise to this. If not for the smart actions of Benny, and co-ordinating these towers to be shut down, he may be sporting an unusual thick set of radioactive hair, rather than his usual smooth and shiny Q ball noggin and his boyish good looks.

Benny in consultation with Telstra organised the disconnection of these towers to allow the asbestos roof to be railed, removed, and replaced in one single day. Great work team!

Led by the durable Uncle Ray, along with Matty C and Beau we knocked this one out of the park, removing the asbestos roof sheeting and replacing with BlueScope sheeting.