Asbestos Roof Replacement Melbourne: Hughesdale

ACR Roofing are experts in the field of Asbestos Roof Removal and Roof Replacement. Most recently, our roofers completed an asbestos roofing replacement for Chadstone Calisthenics club located in Hughesdale.

The location was complex, located right next door to an operating child care centre, ran by the City of Monash. The word asbestos usually scares people and in this case it frightened a number of parents. Like all asbestos roof replacement projects, we offer each client the opportunity for one of our experienced directors to visit site and conduct an open discussion and information session for staff and in this case parents. We presented to the City of Monash our expertise works procedure, Safe Work Method Statements, Job Safety Analysis and of course found City of Monash, the Child Care Centre Staff and parents were satisfied with our procedure. WorkSafe inspected our works procedure and like usual were satisfied with all.

Each and every asbestos roof replacement, before any works commence, we notify WorkSafe of the asbestos removal, location, time and dates, and complete all necessary site inspections and final check measures. Furthermore, we organise access equipment, as well as engage an independent hygienist to provide asbestos clearances. Each day we received a clearance certificate, we informed the Kindergarten who then allowed the children outside.

Full perimeter safety rail was installed, and once we eliminated all height concerns we loaded the materials onto the roof with the use of a mobile crane. As with every Asbestos Roofing Replacement project, the building must be completely vacant. Once the safety rail is installed, materials are loaded onto the roof, and the building is empty – our Melbourne roofers can commence their works.

Asbestos Roofing Removal, Hughesdale

Each day onsite we remove an area of the asbestos roofing, and receive a clearance certificate before continuing. This project, we installed safety mesh and 60mm roof insulation blanket, before laying the new roof. Our team installed new BlueScope Plain Zincalume roof materials, in a Corrugated profile. We repeat the asbestos roof removal and replacement process each day until the entire roof is complete. This process ensures the roof remains watertight at the end of each day. Finally, we seal the entire roof and an ACR Roofing director inspects the building.

This asbestos roof replacement project was sensitive, given the location, but one we were familiar with. The Chadstone Calisthenics were extremely impressed with the end results as were the City of Monash. Our roofers in Melbourne have eliminated any potential problems the original asbestos roof did pose for the Calisthenics club and public.