Asbestos Roof Replacement Melbourne: Prahran

ACR Roofing was contacted by Greville Pabst, Melbourne’s leading property experts, as they had a client who required an asbestos roof replacement. Being the experts in asbestos roof removal and metal roof replacements, they knew they were in good hands.

Located in a tight, restricted street in Prahran, we knew this was not going to be a simple project.  With our expertise in this field we know what is required to complete an uninterrupted scope of works. Completing roof replacements on buildings daily and often the uncommon, non- standard warehouses that most would walk away from there were additional measure that needed to be implemented. Due the height of the building (three stories) a crane was required to load and unload  all materials onto and off the roof. With limited locations to house a crane , a neighbouring carpark was our only alternative, which required Council and neighbouring properties approval.

Asbestos Roof Removal; Roof Replacement

Scaffold was constructed and erected acting as access and fall protection along one side if the building. Once the safety rail is installed, all fall hazards are eliminated we crane all materials onto the roof. This is the first step for all our roof replacement projects. We begin the roof removal, removing a section of the asbestos roof.

After removing the asbestos roof and receiving a clearance certificate, we commence the installation. We first install both safety mesh and sisalation, because installing new BlueScope Colorbond Corrugated roof sheeting. Once we complete the entire roof replacement process, we move onto  gutters; To finish, we install all associated flashings, cappings and seal all joints. After a final inspection, we hand the complete project over to the owner and provide all relevant warranties.

As you can read in the testimonial by Ms Cheryl Gravina, Greville Pabst, we have another satisfied customer.


“I needed to replace the roof for a client. I went to four roofing companies to discuss options and obtain quotes. I was told the by three other companies, it was a huge job, & going to cost well over $100K. I was also told the job was just too hard, they all said it was too dangerous to remove the asbestos,  they didn’t want to get involved with the neighbours or the council. The list of excuses why they didn’t want the job went on and on.


Then I called and spoke to Jay at ACR Roofing. Jay was efficient, polite & professional. They went out immediately to conduct on onsite quote and came in at half the price I had been quoted by the other companies.


Jay was happy to take the job on made me feel at ease immediately, I knew I was in good hands. They kept me in the loop through the entire process. The entire team were amazing to deal with, I will be using them again. I highly recommend this company.”