Metal Roof Replacement Melbourne: Moorabbin

Most Melbournians know the name Sportsmart, an iconic sporting shop located in the heart of Moorabbin.
The open show room consists of two large warehouses, and both were experiencing internal water features every time it rains.

Sportsmart knew they had to call on a trusted Melbourne roofing company to help them out, and of course that’s the experts at ACR Roofing!

For this roof replacement in Moorabbin, our roofers in Melbourne replaced an estimated 1400m3 in BlueScope Zincalume corrugated roof sheeting. The new roof was completed in 2 weeks with all hands on deck. Craning up the materials onto the Sportsmart roof was an exciting Sunday – we had to pull out all the stops!

While pulling out the stops, we got to work alongside some other great teams from United Energy  as we were very close to the power lines, to traffic management who helped us shut down the street for the crane to be able to not only get in and out of the street but to also crane up the materials onto the roof without inconveniencing the public around, and also the team at our local council City of Kingston for the permits to make all this roofing action happen.

As we like to say, all in a day’s work. There isn’t a job too complex for ACR Roofing: with the right knowledge anything is possible. Last month, we were just starting this roof replacement project and now this month, we can reveal the after photos and the videos.

Another commercial roof replacement for ACR Roofing in our backyard, Moorabbin.