Asbestos Removal Melbourne: Preston

For the past four years, over each Easter long weekend, our Melbourne roofers complete the Asbestos removal to Huhtamaki’s site in Preston. Huhtamaki is a global manufacturer in sustainable produced moulded fibre packaging. The Preston warehouse is over 6,000m2 with original saw-tooth asbestos roofs.

asbestos removal melbourneThe Easter long weekend is the only time in the year that Huhtamaki facilities close down for consecutive days. We are only able to complete the asbestos removal in Melbourne with the building below vacant. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity for our team to complete our roofing work. Consequently, this also means we have a deadline to complete our work! However with skillful project management and expert roofing, we meet the deadline easily each year.

The recent 2020 Easter Long Weekend however, our team closed the book on our works at Huhtamaki. After four years, we complete the final Asbestos Removal section of roofing.

Asbestos Roof Replacement

This year, we have extra time onsite to complete two Asbestos Roof Replacements in Melbourne, as well as additional wall cladding and flat asbestos areas. It was our largest scope of works to have the entire Melbourne roof replacement project complete before the workers return. As always, we meet our deadline.

We remove all areas of asbestos roofing and install Colorbond ‘Surfmist’ materials in its place. Furthermore, Ampelite Webglass Translucent sheeting is installed on the roof, and Wonderglass Translucent Wall cladding to each saw-tooth. In addition, we install Colorbond flashings, box guttering and Ventilators.

It has been a terrific achievement over a 4 year period, something for the ACR Roofing contractors to acknowledge and be proud of.
We have enjoyed our ongoing Asbestos Roof Replacement works at Huhtamaki. Most importantly, enjoyed our time onsite with Huhtamaki’s Facilities Manager, Ernie. Ernie is onsite with our team every day, and even helps out with cooking a BBQ!

A special thanks to our team of Melbourne roofers at ACR Roofing. Not only do they constantly show dedication and hard work all day and every day, but specifically in times like these – when there is an opportunity for a mini break with family; they help to have these works completed.

Morning Toolbox Meeting – adhering to the 1.5m social distancing rules