Asbestos and Metal Roof Replacement – Cheltenham

Our Melbourne roofers specialise in completing both asbestos roof removal and metal roof replacement projects. We primarily complete our works on commercial buildings, located in built up industrial areas.

Located in Cheltenham, Wholesale Paper contracted our team to complete not one, but two roof replacement projects. Wholesale Paper are an Australian-owned business, supplying quality paper products to the Educational, Art & Craft, Office and Stationery markets. Their site consists of two buildings: one with an asbestos roof, and one with an old metal roof.

It is extremely obvious in the photos below that this site was in desperate need of the ACR Roofing expertise. With both the asbestos roof and metal roof in terrible condition, this therefore poses many risks for the business below. As a result, the only option is an entire roof replacement – to both warehouses.

Asbestos Removal & Roof Replacement in Melbourne

First and foremost, we installed safety rail to both buildings and crane all new materials onto the roof.
Our team begun our work on the asbestos roof. Each day onsite, we strip an area of the asbestos, receive a clearance certificate and continue with our asbestos removal work. Before installing the new roof, we install new safety mesh as well as heavy duty sarking foil. To both buildings, we installed BlueScope Zincalume Corrugated roof sheeting, in a heavier grade material.

Once we completed the asbestos roof replacement, we commenced works to the metal roof. Similar to the asbestos roof, we installed new safety mesh and sarking foil, before installing the new metal roof. In addition, to both buildings, we installed new Ampelite translucent sheeting. Thus allowing natural light to enter.

Despite an inclement summer, we completed our roof replacement works with no dramas whilst battling the unpredictable Melbourne weather. Our before and after photos speak for themselves. It is very hard to believe it is the same property, as the buildings look brand new! However that’s the ACR Roofing standard, and we take pride in the professional Melbourne roofing work we complete.