UniLodge Roof Replacement

ACR Roofing have completed a roof replacement in Melbourne on a high rise located just outside the CBD, in Carlton. UniLodge were our client, they welcomes thousands of international, and national, university students to 70+ student accommodation locations. Varying from across Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and other capital cities like Perth.

At 16 stories high, our Melbourne roofers were faced with some difficulties and knew we had a tricky job ahead of us! Still in the midst of the hustle and bustle on Swanston Street, our team had a lot to coordinate. Due to the height of the building, a crane was an obvious requirement! However, the restricted location also meant the need for specific permits. We required both council permits and traffic management, in order to crane materials in this location. This mean, no roof replacement works can commence until we receive approval.

The original roof consisted of aluminium tiles, a very light material. As a result of consistent foot traffic, various sheets had caved in and split; thus allowing water to gain access inside in various areas. The attempt to repair the roof by other trades was obvious across the roof, and unsuccessful. It was beyond repair and required a full roof replacement.

UniLodge Roof Replacement Melbourne

The ACR Roofing team complete a number of apartment block roof replacements each year. Therefore we know what is required to complete an uninterrupted scope of works. We ensure to keep our UniLodge contact up to date, so they can liaise with the students living in the building.

After receiving all relevant permits, we are able to crane all materials and commence our works.
Being an old metal tiled roof, we were required to re-batten the roof and install sarking foil. To withhold future foot traffic, we installed Colorbond roofing materials, in the colour ‘Basalt‘. Finally, we install new Colorbond flashings, box gutters and seal all joints.

roof replacements

After a final crane down, our Melbourne roof replacement works are complete. With no disruptions, it was another successful roof replacement by the ACR Roofing Team, and a new roof for UniLodge.