Roof Replacement Project – Port Melbourne

Our Team were contracted & have recently completed a tricky roof replacement project, located in Port Melbourne.

The works involved two separate sections, one being a 36 degree pitched metal roof; littered with plant platform and duct work, covered in severe corrosion and lacking any form of safety mesh,  deeming the factory non-compliant. The other, a deteriorated asbestos roof, covered with live gas and water pipes, active ac units and cracks throughout, both areas leaking heavily during the wetter months and both in desperate need of replacement.

Due to the location of the property, our team had restricted access to the roof. As a result, we required traffic management, permits and a mobile crane to load and unload all of the materials onto and off the roof area. We began by installing safety rail and were now ready to commence the roof replacement works!

Roof Replacement Project

We complete an area of roof replacement each day and repeat this process until the works are complete. This ensures the building remains watertight as we go home each day.
We began our works on the brittle metal roof. With great care, we removed an area of the old metal roof sheets and installed new safety mesh. Next, we then installed BlueScope Zincalume Corrugated roof sheeting.
Similarly, we repeat this process with the asbestos roof replacement. However each day we remove an area of the asbestos roof, an independent hygienist inspects and provides a visual asbestos clearance certificate. This allows our team to the install the new roof sheets; BlueScope Zincalume Corrugated roof sheeting.

After only 4 weeks onsite, whilst battling some inclement weather and high winds, we completed the roof replacement project with ease! We pride ourselves on completing the large roof replacement projects many roofing companies walk away from. This completed roof replacement highlights just that!
More importantly, our client is pleased & now has a compliant, safe and watertight building!