Roof Replacements Melbourne: Hawthorn

When it comes to an asbestos roof that requires a replacement, it is crucial to engage a roofing company with many years of experience and that has been trusted by many commercial real estates.

ACR Roofing has been completing commercial asbestos roof replacements for over 54 years.

Gorman Kelly, the experts in Commercial Real Estate, manage the property, and having completed a number of roof replacements previously for Gorman Kelly, they engaged us to complete another one.

Located in the heart of Hawthorn’s commercial hub, surrounded by other commercial properties, loading the materials was never going to be fun. Live HV power lines wrapped the building. The only option we had was to block the entire street off and place the crane in the street.

Council permits were obtained, power lines isolated and a street closure was performed.

ACR Roofing take care of everything and this asbestos roof removal project required a lot; crane lifts, traffic management, electrical isolation, electrical spotters, daily visual clearance certificates, air monitoring, safety equipment, EWP equipment and perimeter safety rail, all completed and organised by our Melbourne roofing contractors.

The asbestos roof had deteriorated, to the point where roof leaks were occurring in various locations. Once the asbestos starts to become porous, each sheet retains moisture, eventually breaking through and leaking internally. Unfortunately fibres can be released, taken along with the water and entre the premises .

ACR Roofing were able to remove a section each day and have the roof closed over at days end, this ensures all equipment and materials are secure and watertight. Our Melbourne roofers completed both the removal of the asbestos roof and metal replacement, eliminating the need for any subcontractors. Installing all materials, gutters, flashings and roof in BlueScope Plain Zincalume. As the crane location was at the rear, every asbestos sheet had to be physically transported to the rear of the building. We, along with our client were extremely impressed with our roofing contractors and their work ethic, given the restricted area.

We were given 6 weeks to complete the entire asbestos roof replacement, without any disruptions or inconvenience throughout, another Melbourne roofing project completed to the client’s satisfaction.

Just a stone’s throw away from the Gorman Kelly asbestos roof replacement we completed last month, lies a large aircraft hangar, in need of a roof replacement.

The large building was originally built in the US, before being shipped to the Northern Territory. The building was reassembled and used to maintain and house aircraft of the Allied Forces during World War II. After the war, the huge structure was disassembled and trucked to Melbourne where it was rebuilt in Hawthorn.

It has since been used as an open showroom for a notable home and houseware franchise, Bed N Bath.

The original aluminium roof was in very poor condition. A number of the old roof sheets lapped one another; the corrosion had eaten through the join and was causing some serious concerns during the wet months. Not only was the roof leaking, but it was extremely dangerous as there was no form of safety mesh! Being a large showroom, the roof covered over 3,500m2. The project would be huge, however, ACR roofing contractors experts knew exactly what needed to be done. This aircraft hangar was in need of an entire roof replacement.


Another Roof Replacement in Melbourne

Exactly the same process, equipment and logistics as the Gorman Kelly project were required to complete this Melbourne roof replacement – crane lifts, power isolation, electrical spotters, street closure permits, council approval, traffic management and of course, communication to all neighbouring properties.

Due to the height of the of the building and serious curve, ACR Roofing engaged Associated Mobile Cranes to load all new materials onto the roof. The materials were braced and secured with the assistance of a mounted roof bracket.

To maintain the radius of the structure, a number of sheets were originally used to form one length, from the bottom all the way to the centre ridge. Today, our Melbourneroofers are able to install full-length roof sheets, that span from the centre ride capping and run all the way to the bottom eliminating any joins throughout.

BlueScope Plain Zincalume Corrugated roof sheeting, in a heavier grade material was installed, as well as Plain Zincalume ridge capping throughout the centre.
In addition to the large curved roof, ACR roofers in Melbourne removed and replaced the flat skillion roof on either size .BlueScope Zincalume Corrugated roof sheeting was installed in this area. Ampelite Industrial translucent sheeting was also installed to the back section of the building, allowing natural light to enter that area.


The Completed Roof Replacement

Whilst battling high winds and inclement weather in the middle of winter, our Melbourne roofers completed the Aircraft Hangar roof replacement. All in only 4 weeks, and while the showroom remained open! Safety is ALWAYS our first and foremost consideration. Each day we isolated and cordoned a section off directly underneath the immediate working area.

Our roofers, as well as the client, are extremely happy with the result. ACR Roofing contractors have considerable experience completing large scale roof replacement projects and are excited to share this one also!