As leaders in their respective fields, Crabtrees Real Estate and ACR Roofing have partnered on numerous projects, leveraging their combined expertise to deliver exceptional results. ACR Roofing’s specialised knowledge in roofing solutions, particularly in areas like asbestos removal and roof replacement, perfectly complements Crabtree’s reputation for being the leaders in the Commercial Real Estate.

Crabtrees made contact with us asking for our professional advice on large warehouse/ office space and demanded little disruption.

There aren’t many alternatives to a conventional roof replacement, but one we promote is a roof over roof.

ACR Roofing have completed several roof over roof installations, saving money and time, providing a durable, efficient and cost effective roof installation solution.

Unfortunately this method cannot be completed on all buildings, particular asbestos roof replacements, but when it comes to a low lying existing metal roof, this is a perfect scenario.

Installing metal battens, prior to the new roof installation, raises the roof which allows a deeper box gutter to be installed.

Many clients love this install for the following reasons:

Saves Time and Money

Continue to Operate

Improved Protection

Environmentally Friendly