Metal Roof Replacement, Templestowe

Upon inspection of this roof by ACR roofing contractors in Melbourne, it was obvious the roof caused some serious internal water issues during the wetter months; corrosion covered the roof and water was found to be ponding in various areas that eventually entered the property causing numerous leaks.

The roof was clearly beyond repair however the obvious problem was the existing roof structure had insufficient falls; with water able to remain on the roof, ACR’s roofers in Melbourne concluded the existing roof material and structure did not comply with today’s standards.

In order to fix the problem, ACR’s Melbourne roofers were required to regrade the entire roof, each day an area of the roof was removed, additional timber was installed along with new Colorbond Speed Deck Ultra roof sheets in colour Paperbark. Installing additional timber battens onto the existing structure ensured the new roof replacement complied with today’s standards and had adequate fall. In addition, our expert Melbourne roofers installed an additional two downpipes, plus a number of overflows to prevent water from overflowing inside the property.

The roof replacement process was completed and ensured a water tight dwelling at day’s end. Well done team!