Metal Roof Replacement Melbourne: Malvern East

ACR Roofing were asked to inspect a well-known, rather large factory complex in the heart of Malvern. The Audi Centre, Crn of Malvern and Darling Roads, this building has become bigger and bigger over the years as they acquire the surrounding properties. Now consisting of a number of separate roof areas all of which were the original, all posing their own problems; wrong profiles originally installed, multiple roof leaks, inadequate flashings, severe corrosion and one main contributing factor to the roof leaks was the lack of overflows throughout each box gutters. After our roofing contractors completed a thorough roof inspection, it was clear they required a full metal roof replacement.

Due to the location, the busy roads, the large volume of traffic and customers entering the store each day, communication and scheduling was extremely important. Our Melbourne roofers liaised with the Audi staff, ensuring everyone was aware of the works taking place and the schedule. Each day an area in the store was cordoned off, directly underneath our team, who were removing and replacing the metal roof above.

In order to not disrupt the public, our roofers craned all of the materials (both at the beginning & upon completion) at 7am, to ensure the area was safe and clear for when the store opened for business.

The owners and Audi Centre were keen to have the works completed ASAP and out of the public’s way; therefore the ACR Roofing team were on a tight schedule!

The end result: ACR Roofing completed the entire roof replacement project within the given time frame; removing the old metal roof materials and installing new BlueScope Plain Zincalume Speed Deck Ultra roof sheeting, in a heavier grade material. Our roofers in Melbourne also removed and replaced all flashings and box gutters, as well as installing new safety mesh.

As evident in the completed photos, this metal roof replacement project looks spectacular and is one that ACR Roofing Melbourne are extremely proud of.