Metal Roof Replacement in Black Rock

Located in one of Bayside’s busiest and most popular strips lie three badly deteriorated and leaking roofs. A Pasta shop, a Dry Cleaners and a Pizza shop on Bluff Rd, Black Rock were all experiencing internal water features every time it rained.

An ACR Roofing estimator visited site to inspect the roof and as you can see for yourself in the before photo, the original roof was in seriously bad condition! In some sections the old metal roof had completely disappeared.

Each building had one option: a full roof replacement.

As you could imagine, being occupied, shops and businesses we are faced with some difficulties, none that we have never seen before and know how to handle.

Communication is the key to any roof replacement and it is paramounts when completing the works over premises that remain open.

We were required to load all materials onto the roof with the assistant of a mobile crane. Once the perimeter safety rail was installed we commenced the roof replacement in Melbourne.

Each day onsite our team removed an area of the old roof sheets and installed new timber battens to correct the roof fall. We then installed ‘BlueScope Plain Zincalume Speed Deck Ultra’ roof sheeting, in a heavier grade material. We complete the roof replacement process to an individual area of the roof each day. Consequently, the roof remains watertight at the end of each day. In addition, each business was able to continue operating as usual, whilst cordoning off the area below.

The roof replacement was a massive success. All thanks to the ACR Roofing contractors, all three roof areas look brilliant, not only do they look great the businesses below are appreciate that we have stopped their water features.