Metal Roof Replacement – Frankston City Council

Our roofers in Melbourne inspected the roof of the Pines Forest Swimming Centre; upon inspection we found it rather hard to see any metal amongst the pool solar heating that had been installed over the entire roof. Once we saw the metal, after lifting up the solar tubing, we found the roof in very poor condition and in desperate need of a roof replacement.

Covered in corrosion and box gutters holding water, along with the deteriorating flashings, Frankston City Council had no alternative other than a full roof replacement. Littered with over 35 skylights, each frame and shaft of the skylights had been breaking away for some time, causing internal problems each wet day.

Frankston City Council awarded ACR Roofing with the challenge to replace the entire roof, along with the replacement of the 35 skylights. The old deteriorating roof was removed and replaced with BlueScope Plain Zincalume in the heavier grade material, which will ensure any other trade can walk on the roof unassisted and not dent the new material.

The roof replacement was a success and as evident in the photos below, the roof looks better than ever. Both Frankston City Council and ACR Roofing are satisfied with the result.


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