Metal Roof Replacement Fitzroy

The roof of this apartment block in Fitzroy covered 16 individual properties on the third floor and a total of 48 in the apartment block, this meant communication and coordination to the extreme was required.

With the apartment block being completely surrounded by other three and four storey dwellings and as Fitzroy is a highly populated area, the ACR roofers had limited roof access. A mobile crane was needed and assisted with loading and unloading of all new and old materials.

The condition of the existing roof would have been seen as non-compliant as it was corroded and originally installed with minimal fall. We proposed and completed the re-grading and roof structure to ensure the roof pitch was 1 degree to meet today’s standards of compliance.

With a cost saving exercise of installing BlueScope Plain Zincalume roof sheeting, which cannot be seen from the ground and Colorbond perimeter capping, which can be seen from the ground, the Body Corporate are extremely impressed with this Melbourne roof replacement. and the colour they chose.