Metal Roof Replacement – CUB Abbotsford

ACR’s roofers in Melbourne are no strangers to large and unique roof replacement projects, so when asked to quote the works required at CUB in Abbotsford our roof estimators did not hesitate.

ACR Roofing’s roof plumbers have removed the old metal roof and purlins, to allow for CUB to remove and replace the two large silos inside the building. Once replaced, our Melbourne roofers will be back onsite to install the new metal roof and purlins.

As on every job site, safety is our number one priority, so as shown in the photos we have taken all the right precautions such as only walking on walkways and attached to a safety harness at all times. We ensure not only the safety of our own roofers, but also of those around.

Stay tuned for the completed Melbourne roof replacement project once we return to finish the job!

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The view whilst working five stories high